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General Scholarship in the Field of Visual Impairment

FAER scholarships are limited to upperclass undergraduate (junior and seniors) and graduate students who have been admitted as degree seeking students enrolled for at least 3 hours in a qualifying program at an institution of higher education that prepares professionals to provide services to individuals with visual impairments. Applicants can be preparing to provide services as teachers of students with visual impairments, assistive technology instructional specialists, vocational rehabilitation therapists, or low vision therapists.  The scholarships may be granted prior to enrollment, but payment will require verification of enrollment each semester of its duration.

Instructions for the Scholarship Application:

For your convenience and accessibility, there are two versions of the FAER Scholarship application. Prior to completing the FAER Scholarship application, please choose one of the two versions and save it to your computer. The first version does not have fillable fields and can be completed using standard mouse and keyboard commands.


The second is a version that has fillable fields in portions of the document. Microsoft Word is required to complete this version. The first section can be read using standard mouse and keyboard commands. The section starting on page 2 where you complete the application starting with question 1 (Name of applicant), can be completed by using tab and shift with tab to navigate between the forms fields.


There is a checklist on the last page which outlines the steps for completing the FAER Scholarship application. Please review this checklist prior to submitting your application. Please send completed applications and documentation to

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